College Hill Reformed Church


Fellowship Activities

Our congregation enjoys fellowship with each other very much, so we make it a point to have many opportunities throughout the year such as church picnics and holiday meals.

Youth Ministries

We have a youth group that participates in Bible studies together, as well as fun activities such as Ice Cream Crawls, trips to Cedar Point, pool days, and bonfires. There are also many youth retreats in our denomination, time for kids to be able to get time away to learn about the Lord and spend fellowship time together.

We have Sunday School classes for all age groups in order to get them involved with their peers in learning more about the Bible.

We offer Nursery services each Sunday to any families with young ones that need to be tended to during our worship services.

College Ministry

DASH stands for Discipleship, Accountability, & Service on the Hill. DASH groups are usually comprised of 2-5 college students meeting together with one mentor from the church to study the Bible, get involved in church events, and find ways to serve others.
Student Swarm is a fellowship event almost every Sunday night after evening worship in which college students are invited to a family’s house to enjoy fellowship and an abundance of food.
We have a ministry specifically focused on bringing international students into our congregation as we understand the transition to college in a different country can be difficult.

Women's Ministry

We have many opportunities for the women of our church to grow and serve together:
Many women in the church are involved with small group Bible studies and prayer groups. Ask an elder to learn more.
Our denomination has a variety of family retreats to offer, as well as retreats specifically tailored for women.
We have many family fellowship events throughout the year, as well as some for just women.

Men's Ministry

We have many opportunities for the men of our church to grow and serve together:
We have opportunities such as men’s bible studies and prayer groups happening every week. Ask an elder to learn more.
Once a year, the men of our church in the Ironman retreat. This retreat includes a speaker teaching on topics prevalent in a man’s life today.
We have many family fellowship events, as well as some aimed at the men of the congregation such as an annual golf outing and service project days.

Outreach & Evangelism

Once a month, members from our congregation go into downtown Beaver Falls to aid a local church in preparing, serving, and cleaning up after a soup kitchen.
Every year doing the summer, our congregation hosts a VBS in order to be able to minister to the youth of the community as well as those who are already a part of our congregation.
One of our Pastoral Interns, Jason Thoman, is a black belt in Ju Jitsu and leads a weekly class, training those who participate to defend themselves and protect others.

Each year the men of the congregation enjoy a golf outing together, allowing for times of fellowship with each other as well as some healthy competition.

Many CHRC members are also involved in other community ministries.
Ask our elders how you can get involved and share Christ in the greater Pittsburgh community.
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