College Hill Reformed Church

About Us

About the congregation

College Hill Reformed Church is a congregation with a mixture of many people in different phases of life. We have a number of young families with children, and we are blessed to have a large group of youth from newborns up through high school. With our close proximity to Geneva College, we also have many college students who are a part of our worship each week. We have single members who are an important part of our fellowship, we have members who are empty-nesters, and we have saints who have served the church for decades and continue to serve faithfully even in their later years.
Because of that diversity, we have teachers, carpenters, seminary professors, engineers, business professionals and many other careers in our congregation, as well as members who work out of the home caring for children or elderly parents, along with retirees who serve in various ways in the community.
Our congregational makeup allows us to enjoy rich fellowship with brothers and sisters that are in similar stages of life, while also bringing together those that are in different stages of life for mutual encouragement and support.

About the community

Our congregation enjoys a good relationship with Geneva College which allows us opportunity for ministry on the campus and with students, with many members of our congregation serving as discipleship mentors for college students. We are also involved in community ministries, such as helping to serve at soup kitchens and the community’s youth center, Tiger Pause.

College Hill Reformed Church extends a warm welcome to you and would love to have you join us for worship this Sunday!
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